Winning Strategies for Online Pokies

More and more people enjoy playing slot machines these days, especially online where gaming is easy and convenient, with great payouts and bonuses. In terms of sheer entertainment value, Australia’s very own online pokies have a lot to offer. The many casinos featuring pokies on the Internet keep up a friendly competition among themselves for your patronage. As such, they know they need to present you with an appealing product. But now you may feel you’ve progressed beyond the beginning stage, when you were looking mainly for fun. At this point you want to know how to play and win. You’re interested in the type of behind the scenes strategies and tips that will help you succeed at winning pokies online.

No Magic Formulas

Despite what you may read on the Net, nobody can really tell you any magic formulas or guaranteed strategies for winning at pokies. If they could, you would see a lot fewer people selling their foolproof tips, and a lot more online pokies millionaires. Simple logic says that the house must maintain an edge in order for online casinos to stay in business and continue to make your favorite games available. And the good news is that, due to significantly less overhead, online casinos take a much lower percentage than land based operations. More good news is that, while there are no magic tricks that ensure you’ll win a seven figure jackpot, there are a few useful strategies you can apply to your game.

Workable Strategies

First of all, familiarize yourself with the game you’ve chosen before wagering large amounts. You can practice at most pokies with a free version. Read all instructions carefully and contact customer support with any questions you may have. Decide for yourself whether you wish to place numerous small wagers on machines with a high number of small payouts, or to bet larger amounts for the less likely possibility of walking off with a gigantic jackpot. If you choose the latter, do your homework by searching online for the pokies with the biggest payouts, hosted by reliable casinos. In order to be eligible for the jackpot, you must wager the full amount of coins.

Plan Ahead

Before a pokies session, make a gaming budget you can afford, and then stick to it. If you are a very impetuous type, the best online casino payment method might be via prepaid vouchers, which you will buy a few at a time. This will help to keep you from impulsively overspending in the heat of an exciting online pokies game. Every so often, take a break from playing in order to get some fresh air or a nourishing snack. Your focus will be improved once you come back to the game. Set an upper limit on your innings. This ensures that if you are lucky enough to enjoy a winning streak, you will be prompted to quit while you are ahead.